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Our Weekend Proposal

Hotel VIENA offers you its newest WEEKEND Package - a pleasant, interesting and exploratory holiday in Bulgaria and Romania. A relaxation combined with a very good mood and enjoyable moments. Moments, we can turn into unforgettable memories that will always make you want to come back. This is a beautiful adventure on the Danube river coast.

14:00 /Friday/ Hotel check-in.
20:00 /Friday/ Dinner. The Danube river fish night, prepared by special recipe.

07:00 – 09:00 /Saturday/ Breakfast
09:00 /Saturday/ Departure to Romania.
- Visit to the Dervent Monastery 25 km. from Silistra - a cult place associated with the first of the 12 Apostles of Jesus - Saint apostle Andrew the"Protocletus” (the First Called), who was a disciple of John the Baptist, a propagator of Christianity, who preached in the lands of Dobrudja.
- Visit to the healing spring and the miracle stone with a tour guide.
*Packed Lunch
11:30 /Saturday/ Departure to Saint Andrew's Monastery (around 25 km from the Dervent Monastery, near Constanta). Exploring the cave where the disciple of Jesus Christ, his first apostle - Saint Andrew lived.
14:30 /Saturday/ Return to Bulgaria and visit to St. Peter and Paul Church
17:00 – 18:00 Conversation about Historical mysteries, over a glass of Mursal tea and an opportunity to learn about interesting historical studies.
20:00 pm /Saturday/ - Dinner. Tasting local wines in the company of producers.

7:00 to 9:00 /Sunday/ - Breakfast

Departure suggestions - A tour of the ancient Durostorum and the medieval Druster. In the direction of Rousse can be considered the Srebarna Nature Reserve. In the direction of Varna are the Thracian sanctuaries near the villages of Strelkovo and Voinovo, as well as the historical fountain in the village of Kaynardja.

Weekend Package price for 1 person, plus transportation included - 110 BGN.
The weekend Package includes 2 nights, 2 breakfast, 1 lunch and 2 dinners.
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