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Weekend Offer

Our Weekend Proposal in Two Countries - Bulgaria and Romania

Vienna Hotel offers its guests the opportunity to
spend their weekend in two countries - Bulgaria and Romania.

How to start the weekend?

Vienna Hotel offers you to spend your Friday fishing at the Danube river, where you will have the possibility to enjoy the experience from fishing and the beautiful nature that is surrounding you.

How to continue your weekend on Saturday?

Guests of Vienna Hotel can visit on Saturday Romania along the Silistra - Constanta route. 25 km from Silistra in the direction of Constanta is located the Dervent Monastery. Here one can visit a healing spring, which according to the legend is related to St. Andrew. The disciple of Jesus Christ touched the earth with his staff and healing water came from it. This scene is depicted in a small chapel near the spring. The scene in which a blind boy after washing his eyes with healing water regains his ability to see again is also painted there.

St. Andrew Monastery

About 25 km from the Dervent Monastery, heading to Constanta, is located the monastery of St. Andrew. In the yard of the monastery is the cave in which he lived the disciple of Jesus Christ and his apostle. The positive energy that one has received in The Dervent Monastery is stepping up even further in the Saint Monastery Andrew. So visiting these two monasteries, directly related with St. Andrew, one can throw away negative energy and be charged with positive.

Troyan Trophy

About 25 km from the Monastery of St. Andrew in the direction до Constanta is located the monument "Troyan Trophy". This monument commemorates the battle of Emperor Trajan with the Dacians. The town of Constanta is 60 km away from the Troyan Trophy. Saturday evening guests of Vienna Hotel can taste wines from the Srebarna selection.

How to End the Weekend?

On Sunday, guests at the Vienna Hotel can choose different routes. In Silistra they can visit the church Saint Peter and Paul and touch the relics of the saints. Or they can make a pleasurable walk in the Danube garden. On the other hand they can visit the Medhidi Tabia Fortress. In the direction of Rousse they can visit Srebarna Lake. Thracian shrines can be visited in the direction of Varna near the villages of Strelkovo and Voinovo, as well as the historical fountain in the village of Kaynardja.

Weekend Package Prices

The price includes two nights, two breakfasts and two evening dinners.